Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Day Five: Chinchoti, India : 3 October 2016

By Helen Ding: Our Homestay

Our host family owns a shop at the corner. This family is made up of three people: two parents named Bhavna and Manoher, and their son Kuldip. This morning Bhavna and Kuldip went to the fish market. Waking us up, Manoher took out a box and opened it up. He started putting things together, and when he settled everything, we recognized that it was a harmonica.

Manoher offered us a chance to sing while he played a harmony. He hummer a beautiful rhythm and even composes his own songs. He’s quite extroverted and is willing to talk about all the songs that he has collected in a notebook.

Late in the day, after we finished the dancing session, my roommates and I went back home. By the time we opened the door, we were surprised to find that there seemed to be a party taking place in the living room. There were people there playing drums, and also dancing, which made it crowded. Many of our neighbors came for the party and they invited us to join them. We took turns either with clapping with the audience of doing some dance. Manoher sat behind his big box, playing the harmonica and singing.

He reminds me in some ways of the crystal merchant in "The Alchemist"; But unlike the crystal merchant, the things that he’s longing for becomes his way to get away from the daily grind rather than being trapped in his village.

By Vera Wang: School and work
We went to a local elementary school at 10 in the morning. We were separated into into two groups, one working to move away some dirt by putting it in the back and a truck, and the other helping to carry concrete. At first I didn’t do well with the mixing, the with the instructions and help from teacher Effy and student Crystal I started to do it very well.

Thanks folks!!!

After about one and a half hours of working, we took a break and had some juice and more water. Then we changed jobs, and everyone worked very hard. Everyone worked beyond my expectations. During the work, I saw kids in the school playing and studying together, it made me recall my childhood: little homework and only five classes a day!

After we were finished, we went home for our lunch with our homestay families. Later in the afternoon, we had dancing lessons!


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